Friday, August 24, 2012

Prince and the Showboy

Here is a nice video promo for the Faith Prince/ Jason Graae show pulling into 54 Below. Since this venue seems to be such a new hot bed of activity in the New York Cabaret scene, I am adding their homepage to our links list. The clip goes on to feature Titus Burgess & Tonya Pinkins in other upcoming shows on their calendar as well.

the Tramp is Back

This is definitely more musical theater based trivia. But I found it an interesting profile on many aspects of the business. First, how it defies the star system that seems to pervade both New York and even our local scene. I find it very important to have a unique "voice." Second, how it speaks to what we bring of ourselves to the stage which is core to what we do. Give it a read and wishing the show the best of luck as it tries to find its way in a very commercial environment.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Our New Blog

Hey guys - this is here for us to utilize. It should be more malleable than our website. Both as a resource for our circle and also a sounding board for anyone that might stumble onto us. I will keep adding more bells and whistles. If everyone can send me a picture that you would like posted, I will add you to the members slide show on the sidebar.

Otherwise - fire me links to anything that might be pertinent; performances, quotes, articles and eventual music links.

Cheyenne Jackson interview

This was from a recent interview he gave to David Mixner and I thought it captures what we are all about, so I am sharing it with you.

"Cabaret and concert work is a great high, but the challenge is that you are forced to be yourself. Not a small feat for some actors. We are usually playing characters, and in these two disciplines, the only way you will truly succeed is if you let in the audience.. Anyone can get up and sing pretty songs and tell a few jokes. But unless you let the audience see your heart and feel a connection to you, it doesn't work."