Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Bringing Music to the Masses

It has been a while since a cabaret blog post... This one was drafted a few months back, but I never got around to publishing it. It is a bit out of season, but seemed appropriate nonetheless.

I am well aware of how we are taking our cabaret music to diverse audiences during this holiday season. Sheridan has just left on tour, Katia is returning and recovering. Diane and JJ are doing their corporate thing. Oron & Joey finished up a cabaret theatrical piece. Nichole saw the release of a Holiday cd with a New York performance as well. Jen & Kevin are back at Honey, Erin L is cranking it out over in St Paul and Song Sister is on board this coming weekend. So I wanted to note how important it can be to reach an audience with our gift of song.

This video introduces us to Colin Huggins, a piano player in New York with amazing talents that have classically trained roots. He sees himself as a "busker" who were British street musicians at the turn of the century and would entertain for the "shillings" they would receive and were recognized for the "jingley" sound their many buttons would make as they danced. Colin takes a slightly different twist on the concept. He has a Grand Piano that he manages to put on casters and wheels himself into Washington Square Park in NYC. 12 months out of the year! He says "everyone deserves to have a positive, powerful and emotional musical experience." And he does just that, bringing it to the masses. He talks about playing to the emotions of the crowd at hand and that plays directly into our intimate cabaret mantra. Certainly a listening audience.

Just watch the reactions and see how truly genuine his work is. Stunning, Transformative and a Musical Crusader. (after the ad)