Saturday, February 24, 2018

Thank You Evan Hansen

I know that I am drawn to all things musical theater and that certainly impacts my choices in my cabaret work. More-so than standards, I think it is because the songs often are small stories in themselves and almost always have the roots of a character to dig into. Which makes them not only an easy "sell" but gives me a window into the world of "that song."

So this share is a new collage from the huge success of Pasek & Paul's Dear Evan Hansen. The show is speaking to a generation of youth that feel alienated and are trying to connect somewhere in the virtual world since they are not finding that connection in their real lives. So it is fitting that this compilation is assembled from duets across the globe. The clip is edited and sponsored by the show itself. But I love that it shows countless possibilities of singers who are making it their own and interpreting it with their authentic spin, whether singing to their puppy, a stuffed animal or a special partner.

I know we often cling to the Great American Songbook of the past, but I am certain that the current generation of musical theater composers will generate another century of anthems that will be remembered for many of the same reasons.