Thursday, July 23, 2015

Summer Reading

It has been a long while since postings, but summer brings hiatus to many of us who detour from our regular paths of action. Here's hoping you are enjoying your summer adventures.

But here is a recommended summer read that has been passed on to us. Cabaret Secrets by British performer Gary Williams. It sounds as if it might be a bit heavy on some major name dropping from the promo video. But I also think any information we can gather as independent artists is helpful in this very specific world we inhabit as cabaret performers. And as we continue to challenge ourselves from mini-sets or long standing house gigs, it sounds as if this might be a helpful hands-on template to crafting a true solo act from start to finish. All topics that come up regularly in our conversation circles.

And digging further into his webpage, it looks like a whole slate of Podcasts with a few noted celebs like Michael Feinstein, Marilyn Maye and others. Other episodes seem to dwell heavily on the Cruise Ship career which is a different breed than what we ascribe to. But to pick and choose, it might be a worthy hodgepodge to explore for those audiophiles that are not the bookish sorts. Here is the link below and I will also add it to our Favorites links on the sidebar for later reference.
Cabaret Secrets on iTunes 

One last side note for summer calendars. At our last Membership Meeting Jennifer pointed out a great new community link called RedCurrent. It is basically a one-stop City Pages listing for all events music or theater. They were very interested in including TCCAN as part of their feed so they have tapped into our calendar listing and do an immediate bump for all things listed. A great and needed boost to our media marketing. So it is mindful that you all forward your individual gigs on to me for inclusion. The more we have to offer, the better our chances of building a true cabaret following in the Twin Cities. Remember to proudly brand yourselves as a TCCAN artist.
Red Current Twin Cities