Saturday, July 27, 2013

She's Not Going.....

And I'm telling you.... Not to be making fun of someone. But this poor girl borders on clueless. She was apparently a recent contestant in the 2010 Miss Arkansas contest. Miss Lake Dardanelle - Naomi Shure. Where to start....

Let's first talk choice of material which we refer to often. You certainly want a song that speaks to you. But such a classic song from a monumental musical like Dreamgirls belongs firmly in the hands of someone who can compete with Misses Holliday or Hudson.

Second - can we talk about arrangements? Whoever is helping edit her karaoke cuts seems to be snipping with a pair of pruning sheers to the point that the lyrics phrases make absolutely no logical sense at all. The composers would be cringing.

And then the singing. So much for modulation. She is singing in all keys and all at the same time. And I'm not even going to mention the costumes or the bad gesturing. This Dreamgirl is a Nightmare.

Monday, July 22, 2013

The Wizard of Ahhs

Hello cabaret followers. Another video posting here that relates quite a bit more to "theatricality" than our genre. But I love that there is so much content out there and the boundaries are being pushed.

This one is from a vocal quintet called Pentatonix with guest star Todrick Hall. I had not realized that the entire group was the product of reality television - the winners from Season 3 of the Sing-Off. They are a very young posse in their early 20s with incredible vocal range who are setting out to redefine modern pop music with vocal flair. Todrick is known for slick commericial mash-ups and this feature is certainly that and more. Almost like a mini- Baz Luhrman music video featuring everyone from Adele & Gotye along side the original Arlen classics we love. Makes you wanting more from them and I will surely be checking them out.


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Musical Theater Geeks

I know not all our members come from the same stock, but I know a large handful were nurtured on musical theater and many continue to do so. So with that disclaimer I share this comic sardonic list of 24 Ways That Musical Theater Made You a Better Person. Everything from making a grand entrance to uses for Gaff tape. I am guessing it might be a language a small part of the population will grasp, but I'm betting that we all "get it." Because it is a list with 24 pics and video snips - I am just including the page link and it will be easier to click and access there. Born in a trunk...

24 Ways Musical Theater Made You a Better Person