Monday, July 28, 2014

Getting Your Phil

Our own Phil Mattson has gotten his share of shout outs from TCCAN and the local scene. All rightfully so. Here is another great feature that has been shared with our members, but worth broadcasting to a larger audience.

It is a slightly old feature from last Fall on TPT's Minnesota Originals series. Each segment is a short 5-10 minute documentary on local heroes who have put a stamp on the arts community, not just in town, but across the country. Those of us fortunate to have worked with him, know what a tremendous resource he can be as a musical director while we are at the mic. But his true gift has always been his spin on Jazz, and in particular - vocal arrangements. In this clip he talks about how he merges the concept of music theory to musicality and comes up with pure genius. His list of credits in huge and his impact nothing less. Please enjoy.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Adelaide Cabaret Festival

I did a virtual shout out to this fabulous event last year, and wanted to do the same again this year. The Fest just finished up last week and is the most ambitious music undertaking I am aware of for our genre of cabaret; 470 artists in attendance, almost 175 performances including 21 world premiere pieces. What an amazing Fringe Fest and I vow to be there in person one of these days.

These are not the names we see coming out of the New York scene, but an international roster of artists, each with a unique spin on a song set. Kathy Najimy from Sister Act, Hollywood gangster Robert Davi doing his take on Sinatra, Paul Capsis in a Brothers Grimm meets Ziggy Stardust autobiographical piece, folk star Melanie regaling her tales... On and on. The festival has a theme of Not Your Usual Suspects.

Keep in mind the Festival in itself is relatively new; only in existence since 2009. It would be amazing to do something even on a smaller scale here in the Twin Cities. Maybe our Cabaret Bingo Blitz is the start of something bigger!