Thursday, February 25, 2016

Banned Songs

It has been a long while since a blog posting. Here is an unusual twist coming to us from the Chicago area. We have always heard of Banned Books. But what about Banned Songs? It is an evening of cabaret song called Blacklisted. We always associate the Cold War scourge with films and literature, but it also affected the world of the American Songbook. Apparently Leonard Bernstein, Lena Horne, Paul Robeson, Yip Harburg and even Zero Mostel were under scrutiny and careers damaged.

It features Joan Curto, Carla Gordon, Paul Motondo, Wayne Richards, Rabbi Barry Schecter,  Robert Sims and Three for the Road & Friends.  With music direction by Beckie Menzie. But it certainly sounds like an interesting spin that could create an entertaining evening. So we are not the only ones thinking about packaging a cabaret evening into a theme or genre.


the Skokie Theater
Feb 28, April 1 & May 10.