Thursday, January 8, 2015

Member Microphone Mania

This short post is due to a tip from Education Director Vicky Mountain. We have had at least two good mic workshops in the last years. Both were very informative for the type of singing we do. The microphone becomes of an extension of the stories and song we are performing and it is imperative to make sure we use them to our advantage and not against our intent.

This web link is a great summary of all things amplified that would be a good resource to hold on to.

Microphone Techniques 

Also - I saw an ad in the current VitaMN that caught my attention to piggy back on. EMI Audio which is all things sound and lights is having their annual Year-End blow out sale. All rental and some new equipment is on a clearance from January 12-17. So if you are looking for a great mic, stand or cables - this is the prefect excuse to do some after holidays shopping. Check out their website for details and location.

EMI Audio

Sunday, January 4, 2015

the State of Cabaret

This is a forward from Mary; a very pertinent piece in the NY Times if you did not catch it. We continue to have conversations at length about what exactly cabaret is... We come to a general agreement that it goes back to the storytelling as well as the song and keeping it real in a small setting. We often refer to "New York style cabaret." But this article finds it interesting that they wrestle with some of the same semantics.

The article refers to Cabaret as being "the struggling stepchild of Musical Theater and the first cousin of Jazz" which I find quite true. Certainly look at our members here and this is the case. It goes on to point out that with swanky venues like 54 Below, the Cafe Carlyle and Joe's Pub there seems to be a revitalization much like the revival of Times Square. There is a wealth of talent coming to the forefront; Annaleigh Ashford, Jeremy Jordan, Sutton Foster & our own Laura Osnes are all fabulous performers who bring exactly the right touch to these audiences. There is only so much longer that Marilyn Maye & Julie Wilson can carry the torch forward.

But also on display is a mixed bag with a wide range of talent. It speaks to the generation gap that is still in place wanting the Classic American Songbook. This small market is more willing to take a risk on Buster Pointdexter or Debbie Harry doing their take on standards as they try to age gracefully from their years in punk rock. Does this make an evening of Cabaret based strictly on pedigree and material? All this instead of newcomers like Lauren Fox or Marissa Mulder who are trying to bring something new to the table and do so in a fresh way. It finishes by saying that in spite of a great adrenaline rush of talent, our beloved Cabaret genre comes down to the cost of doing business and who & what will bring money into the seats.

Saucy Newcomers, Graying Punk Rockers 

Give the full articale a read.