Thursday, January 8, 2015

Member Microphone Mania

This short post is due to a tip from Education Director Vicky Mountain. We have had at least two good mic workshops in the last years. Both were very informative for the type of singing we do. The microphone becomes of an extension of the stories and song we are performing and it is imperative to make sure we use them to our advantage and not against our intent.

This web link is a great summary of all things amplified that would be a good resource to hold on to.

Microphone Techniques 

Also - I saw an ad in the current VitaMN that caught my attention to piggy back on. EMI Audio which is all things sound and lights is having their annual Year-End blow out sale. All rental and some new equipment is on a clearance from January 12-17. So if you are looking for a great mic, stand or cables - this is the prefect excuse to do some after holidays shopping. Check out their website for details and location.

EMI Audio

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