Monday, March 16, 2015

There's a Storm Coming

Along with the usual roster of club acts in town, there is a newcomer arriving next week at the Dakota on March 27th. Her name is Storm Large. I am sorry that I will not be in town, but from what I have seen and heard, it might be an offer to take up. I have a feeling she is one of those we all would like to say "I saw her when..."

For starters is the namesake. Nothing timid there. On digging around her website she lists herself as musician, actor, playwright, author and awesome. So much for self confidence. Her new disc is French chanteuse with the kitchen sink thrown in for merit. When not doing her day job, she also gigs with Pink Martini who is known to have their own brand of music as well. She has the theatricality of a drag queen with the powerhouse vocals of a heavy rocker. An original piece that got some attention a few years back was her piece 8 Miles Wide and I will not spoil the mystery of what exactly that alludes to. Just be aware, it is something that would light up a cabaret room.

I am hoping some can check her out and give me the play by play, as it will likely be a bumpy and stormy ride.