Monday, July 22, 2013

The Wizard of Ahhs

Hello cabaret followers. Another video posting here that relates quite a bit more to "theatricality" than our genre. But I love that there is so much content out there and the boundaries are being pushed.

This one is from a vocal quintet called Pentatonix with guest star Todrick Hall. I had not realized that the entire group was the product of reality television - the winners from Season 3 of the Sing-Off. They are a very young posse in their early 20s with incredible vocal range who are setting out to redefine modern pop music with vocal flair. Todrick is known for slick commericial mash-ups and this feature is certainly that and more. Almost like a mini- Baz Luhrman music video featuring everyone from Adele & Gotye along side the original Arlen classics we love. Makes you wanting more from them and I will surely be checking them out.


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