Friday, March 29, 2013

Les Miz skewered - again

From the musical theater side. I may not be speaking for everyone, but Les Miserables opened this holiday season with expectations that could not likely be met. It is operatic in scale and has been treasured for decades now with a reverence rarely granted to Broadway musical theater. There had been countless rumors over the 25 years it took to finally make the transition to big screen and I myself started drooling with anticipation 6 mos. ago when the first trailers were released.

I like many others was left a bit flat although not terribly disappointed. I think the score itself merits listening to time and again regardless of who revolves in the roles. There was a certain bravado seeing Hugh Jackman up there taking a career risk and succeeding and also the star stumping of others in roles they were not nearly qualified for (no names mentioned here) Basically - they were asking for failure on some level because of the scope of the project.

It is fitting to share this new analysis via Screen Junkies where they take the film to task. I think we often forget how ridiculous singing our emotions might appear to the rest of the population. This trailer puts it under a microscope for the hilarity that it is. And then notches it up again by finishing the trailer itself in sung verse. Enjoy with tongue in cheek.

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