Thursday, June 20, 2013

Mic workshop & June salon

One of the perks of TCCAN membership is training sessions in all things cabaret. Last weekend we had a new workshop in microphone technology. Jordan Daoust from Bloomington Civic was on hand to tell us everything we needed to know. In brief summary - there are two types of mics out there for us to use as artists; Dynamic (which is basically a reverse speaker) & Condenser (which runs on Phantom Power and creates sound through magnets and 2 tiny metal sheets.) We talked about price range, better qualities and handling of the mic to avoid feedback and showcase our voices best. We also ventured into monitor and speaker components and how venue makes a huge impact on what we do. Full notes will be stored in our Dropbox acct if anyone needs later access.

Our toasty June salon followed where things got so hot we set off the circuit breakers. A large crowd was on hand to see our venerable slate of 10 performers. We had a wide range of tunes and styles from sultry summer standards - to musical theater Tony toasts - to juke box treasures.

Les at bat with Steven
Kinky Boots Connie
Ring Them Bells Heidi

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