Thursday, December 12, 2013

Street Corner Caroling in NYC

I thought it was time for another mindless post that has very little to do with cabaret, but muses on the songs of the holiday season. Especially keeping in mind we have our gathering this weekend and everyone should be coming with a song in hand to share with the group.

If you have not caught any of his antics, Billy Eichner is a NY fixture who accosts pedestrians on the street and bombards them with inane questions, giving them a dollar bill if they answer correctly. He is typical Manhattan in-your-face. He posts regularly on Funny Or Die.

This week's topic is stumping street carolers on lyrics to well known carols. His partner in crime is the hysterical Amy Poehler donned in a frumpy Mrs Claus wrap. Most passerbys are so stunned they have no idea how to react. But it is festive and funny. So a reminder before Saturday - look at your lyrics. Maybe Erin will pay you a dollar if you get them right???

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