Thursday, March 20, 2014

the Divine Miss M

This posting has nothing to do with cabaret, but yet is everything a cabaret artist should be about. I am referring to Bette Midler of course. Her name has resurfaced again as of late with her memorable performance at the OSCARS and as a recommended feed on my Twitter account.

I am hoping that many of us have seen her on stage. She can take a whole arena circus show with mermaids in wheel chairs and make it seem like a private pool party in our own back yards. Her sense of connection is faultless to everyone in that auditorium. And her ability to get inside a song and make it uniquely hers is impeccable. And not only that - she can cross into ANY genre without missing a beat. A true showman.

But what I have come to admire about her even more as she "matures," is her sense of an artist being true to herself. As I shared with a few at out membership meeting she is not a manufactured celebrity. The stuff she spits out in a few words on Twitter is authentic and witty. Her website is the same; from her outlook on life with New Year's resolutions to features on girl power and in depth journals on the albums she has recorded. Old scanned photo pics and articles on greening up the planet. You never feel she is hawking a product, but sharing a passionate part of her life. Bumps bruises and all without apology. I hope many of you agree with me.

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