Thursday, April 17, 2014

Radio Deluxe

We had just talked about this marvelous show at our last workshop and how it was not possible to access past episodes. Alas; on a new search, there is a website now where you can find all shows and stream them at your leisure.

If you are not familiar with it, Radio Deluxe is a syndicated radio show hosted by jazz guitarist John Pizzarelli and his wife, actress Jessica Molaskey. Together they broadcast a 2 hour weekly show from their living room in NYC. I am an avid fan of both. Certainly his recordings are frequent and easy to find. But she has a fabulous voice and can be found doing both musical theater as well as studio recordings of her own. Although the show prefaces itself as a Jazz program, it is much more than that. I find it a cabaret show with great dialogue between the two of them along with tremendous insights on classic gems and also an exposure to great new talent and material. It fits all the criteria we look for in our cabaret work; intimate, great music variety and always a story angle.

Their new webpage gives a blurb comparing them to a contemporary Louis Prima and Keely Smith which is a flattering choice. Last night I chose a recent episode which highlighted an interview with Jason Robert Brown and his material which I adore. Today is a show of Sexy Songs including Peggy Lee, Ella, Kurt Elling and Nat King Cole. Each episode gives a synopsis, some are composer driven, others have themes. But on the stream it gives complete track listing for each tune with the artist. What's even better - the stream plays without commercials or station identification. If you are seeking out new material to sing.....  you won't find a better resource. Guests abound. It will become my new work staple! And I am also adding it to our links list!

Radio Deluxe

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