Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Night in Hell

For those that were lucky enough to be there, TCCAN made a vivid debut at Hell's Kitchen on the last Monday in June. We have actively been scouting alternative venues and were lucky to be scheduled onto their summer calendar.

Our team of 8 were led by Steven Hobert at the piano. A vocal crowd of friends and curious visitors was on hand to give each a warm welcome. The space is a comfortable fit and there is a full bar and kitchen available. The evening had a jazz leaning, but everyone brought their A-game in both selections and stories shared. Here's hoping to a relationship that continues, because the evening was exactly what cabaret should be about.

* This takes away nothing from our usual Saturday night Salon which was held 2 nights earlier in St Paul at the Town House. Two great evenings, new and old material and a Bingo winner in our Bingo Blitz - congrats to Jeff Walkup who attended double salons and was able to come up with a winning card.

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