Monday, February 9, 2015

Aging is Optional

Many times I am asked "who do you think is a good example of great cabaret?" And because I love so many styles of music and appreciate so many legendary talents, that is like asking a parent which child is their favorite. But this listing coming up at 54 Below would have to be in the running. Tovah Feldshuh is definitely a singer's singer and when we look at our cabaret criteria - you can cross everything off her bucket list.

She is an actress first with an impressive resume over many years. And yet for some reason she remains an enigma to many. For starters, do you even know who she is? She has racked up an impressive 4 TONY nominations for her stage work in various genres. I wasn't originally even aware she was a singer. She is engaging with audiences. She can handle any sort of material. She transforms into characters and takes us on journeys with each song. She cross styles and genres. She sits in a chair and tells stories with heart and humor. She calls herself a "concert artist", something to think about. Check out this YouTube video and tell me what's not to like?

She has a 2-night stay coming up in NY and if I was in town, that would be my ticket to be had. The title sums it up - Aging is Optional!

Tovah Feldshuh - Aging is Optional

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