Wednesday, April 13, 2016

You are a Work of Art

Image result for hennepin library work of art workshops 2016It seems we have had a lot of emphasis on the Education aspect of our organization lately. Fresh off our great session with Lori Dokken on all things music and an introduction to some great technology that can help us in getting what we want out of our set... I just caught wind of a fabulous series being offered at our Hennepin Public Libraries that focus on the Business side of what we do. The series is called Work of Arts and has been offered in the past in 2012 sponsored in part by Springboard for the Arts. It is coming back over the next month with sessions being offered at both Southdale and Hosmer (S Minneapolis) branches. Workshops are free with on line advance registration.

The topics may not apply directly to our cabaret forum. But for the handful of us that are really trying to carve out an entire career as either a musician or an artist, there is something of merit. Topics such as Pricing for Artists (how to figure our worth), Recordkeeping and Legal Help both will offer up the business side of the career. But also great tips like Residencies for Artists - for those that might have a gift at sharing what we do. How about Funding for Artists or Business Plans for Artists? Even topics like Time Management or certainly Marketing for the Artists which we have all been seeking out. Give them a glance. I know I am thinking about a few possibilities.

Work of Art 

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