Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Darling, This Is Cabaret

Source credit on this one goes to Nichole, who shared it on our private Facebook group. But I thought it spoke so incredibly well to who and what we are at TCCAN, that is deserved a share to our entire Facebook following.

The article is published on a digital magazine called W42ST that blogs about happenings in the Big Apple. This particular post is a twist on how they are presenting their monthly cabaret calendar. Instead of just listing dates and places for the featured artist; each one gets a few short paragraphs to expound on their inspiration for cabaret. And each memoir is a perfect bit of cabaret patter through their unique tale. The lead story by Jim Caruso talks about his early days in the choruses of Dallas TX and how a detour at a small place called the Baja opened a new door to his career. Both Megan Hilty and Joie Bianco talk about the transformative power of seeing Marilyn Maye on stage. Marilyn herself is performing this month and takes it back a notch further to the very old times and the influence of Shecky Greene in Las Vegas. KT Sullivan speaks of the intimacy of the Gardenia Room and seeing Broadway icons like Donna McKechnie and Pamela Myers revealing their true stories outside of their successful long runs. Jane Monheit speaks about the passion of Brazilian music via Ivan Lins.
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But the common themes among them all, are the tenets we speak about each and every time we see each other. They talk of "strange ballads with tons of tears and quirky patter," an "Intimate experience - just a microphone, some stories and lots of songs," "Taking an audience on a journey." Key words like wit, connection, Standards, intimate, personality, vulnerability. It brings me joy to know that we truly comprehend who it is we are and what we are trying to accomplish as a network of great artists here in the Twin Cities.

Read the full article here: W42ST - This Is Cabaret

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