Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Awards Season for Cabaret

It has been a long while since a blog post for TCCAN. Not because there have not been interesting tidbits out there; I have a handful of drafts waiting to be expounded upon. But more a cross pollination of time crunch and mid-winter blahs.

But this one came to me as we are winding down the inevitable awards season that starts with the Golden Globes and continues through the onslaught of Super Bowl halftimes, Oscar red carpets and Grammys that leave us scratching our heads with performers we have never seen racking up trophies.

Related imageThis is to enlighten you all that our precious little world of cabaret is not immune to the glamour and back patting. I see the MAC Awards listed for Tuesday March 26th. Note here that while other prestigious ceremonies are ready-for-prime time, cabaret is relegated to a Tuesday evening in a recital hall. But no shame in that. What I marvel at is the lengthy list of nominees and categories! Not to belittle, but give them a look. We have Debut Artists, Vocalist, Major Artist, Celebrity, Drag Performer, Group, Recurring Series, Emcee, Piano Bar, Instrumentalist..... whoosh. This is only a fraction of the list. There must be over 150 names. I guess I had no clue that what we do was so monumental. I think it's more of an instance that everyone goes home a winner. Similar to the dance competitions I judge where they separate into divisions of 3 so each performer goes home with at least a 3rd place trophy.

Perhaps you were overlooked? There are also the Bistro Awards which seem similar to our former Ivey Awards here for theater. Rather than categories, they note outstanding offerings from the current year and are chosen by jury rather than votes. They have a great statement of " recognizing, encouraging, nurturing, and educating cabaret, jazz, and comedy artists for 34 years through our insightful reviews and our annual awards — the oldest award of its kind in the industry." And the names both current and past honorees are certainly impressive. Names like Cleo Laine, Kaye Ballard, Barbara Cook, Marilyn Maye, & Ben Vereen to name a few. This year Judy Collins receiving a Lifetime award. Their website is notable with some great cabaret resources that will get their own shout out in the near future.
Related image
But bottom line - maybe we need to expand our Cabaret Fest next year to include an awards gala!? A swanky event in a back room at a tasteful local venue where we can all go home a winner. Best Performance at BLB. Best Stephen Sondheim Interpretation. Best Cabaret Patter with Humor. Tasteful Wearing of a Black Dress. With our members approaching 40 we could break us down into a mere 10 categories and have a slate of maybe 4 in each so every TCCAN member gets at least a door prize and a swag bag of pens, post-it notes, a piece of digital music and maybe we can exchange personal CDs. All in jest, but it does note what a different world we live in here in MN vs the pomp and circumstance of New York style cabaret.. Ta Ta for now.

2019 Mac Nominees 

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