Friday, October 19, 2012

A Grand Night for Singing

This is a late but recent recap of our tremendously successful showcase on October 7th @ Theatre Unbound. For those that missed it, it was a rare chance to see a handful of our members do what they do best. A small intimate room in St Paul, Tom Linker at the piano and a rapt audience that was both supportive and appreciative of the stories and songs that 10 of us brought to life.

Connie & Sheridan

 After talking as a group; in addition to the talent we bring, we felt it was a huge step forward for our group. In terms of visibility. In terms of polish and range. In terms of support for each other and working as a collaborative team. I know that I felt a great sense of triumph in the work on stage and pride in my colleagues that I was so very fortunate to share the stage with. Here's to many more nights just like this for us.
Eilene, Oron & Joey

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