Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Unsung Musicals

For those of us that are fans of the American Songbook and the history that gradually seems to get lost, here is a small feature I just stumbled onto via Playbill again. Unsung Musicals Co. is a small collective in NYC that is trying to preserve or at least reboot lost scores from major composers that may have had unfortunate shows along the way. They revive them only as staged concerts since the emphasis is on the music and not a very dated book or libretto. They also draw from a huge roster of NY musical theater marquee names rather than cast a show for its roles. This gives an audience to hear a full program featuring many artists as they often reconstruct songs from what remains of the original score.

The next offering is At Home Abroad by the notorious Dietz & Schwartz who are know for their film work more than their stage work. It is a musical revue from 1935 about an American tourist abroad and the many ports they travel upon. Check out the Playbill link for full cast details and song listing.

Playbill/ At Home Abroad

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