Wednesday, January 30, 2013


This is another trivia vocal link. I had stumbled onto them a while back, but had forgotten to make mention of them in our blog. The name stands for "eclectic cadenza" and is a collective of singers and musicians out of New York; many from Julliard. Michael Thurber is the music brains of the bunch that either arranges or composes. Matt McCorkle is the recording engineer that brings each piece to life. And Joe Sabia who is the videographer that spreads the works viral on the web. Since formation, the group has expanded to a pool of over 55 that creates on a regular basis. Their offerings are witty, urbane & hipster all at the same time. Some examples are "Round the World in 18 Songs", "How to get Kids into Classical Music" & "Western Music in 16 Genres" to name a few.

Here is a clever clip titled "The History of Misheard Lyrics" which is - exactly what you would expect.

I have included their webpage link as well if you have a short spell to take them in.

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