Wednesday, January 9, 2013

From the Windy City

This is from my weekly subscriptions to the Chicago area scene. Both are tidbits that I found interesting.

The first is from Claudia Hommel. In addition to being a cabaret performer, she also leads a learning series called Songshop which is much like our training workshops here. She works with a range of performers on choosing the right material, writing a dialogue for the songs and bringing them to life. We must be doing something right with our approach here.

Secondly, from a male quartet called With a Twist which must be a mash-up of Forever Plaid with the world of stand-up & cabaret. The guys have a variety of looks and I assume each brings something different to the table. They are advertising a show called Let's Twist Again - which could either be a throwback to the retro 50's or a revival of their greatest hits. Both are food for thought.

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