Monday, February 11, 2013

Grammy Schmammy

Rarely do I have the entire evening off to enjoy the celebration of the Music industry. So it was with much anticipation that I had sights set of Sunday's telecast. Somehow I am out of touch or have emerged as the wrong demographic! I was hoping the pre-show preview might be about the music and talent. But no - it was about the cleavage warnings and fashions of Katy Perry & Rhianna. Really?

And then the show began with fluctuation from spectacle to dull. I am not denying that there was entertainment, but it was not engaging in most cases. They had been taunting the shift to performance celebrations and away from the awards. Instead I saw shameless plugs from CBS pseudo-stars for their shows who had no right to be at the show, outright presenting and introducing pop stars they had likely never met. Out of the 80+ awards presented, only a few that made prime time were worthy of my interest. There was an occasional bone thrown to jazz with a 2 minute morsel by Chick Corea, but as expected it was hip-hop circuses and bubble gum side shows. Even big names like Taylor Swift & fun. did not live up to the hype. Poor Carrie Underwood who should be a powerhouse of a performer was reduced to a standing statue so that incredible lighting effects could be projected onto her mammoth ball gown. Thank goodness for some old school soul from Justin Timberlake and an always reliable Kelly Clarkson for lifting me out of my hibernating on the couch. Also Bruno Mars & Sting collaborating on an odd medley of Bob Marley tunes.

No Diva's were in the house or on stage. For some reason Wiz Khalifa could expose as much nipple as he wanted - he needed something to grab our eager attentions. Adele had more punch in her 15 second speech than most did in the total 3 minute song slots. LL Cool J makes a far better actor than event host. And how does one explain categories like Urban Contemporary Pop or Americana? I'm all for genre bending but how do they come up with these things?

All in all - I find it sad that this used to be our reality television. Now I would much rather watch an episode of the Amazing Race or the Bachelor.

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