Wednesday, February 27, 2013

National Cabaret Month

We all know that there is a day, month and year for everything under the sun now. Attribute it to Hallmark in the 1980's where every day became an occasion to celebrate. And then advanced into the current millenium with the advent of Facebook Events.

BUT - March has somehow been designated a cabaret month. By whom, we will never know. Not only a day but an entire month. And it is one of those with 31 days! We all know of our own shameless plug for Women: A Broad View. I look on line and cities from NY to St Louis are doing something to commemorate it. But maybe a reminder to those at large out there to find one way to engage yourself with something. Maybe it is a concert at the Dakota. Maybe it is buying a new CD or MP3 of a favorite artist. Maybe it is even a night of karaoke out with good friends creating your own cabaret party. Do it up!

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