Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Go Rest High On That Mountain

I am constantly surprised by the range of stuff that classifies itself as cabaret material. This one comes from the world of country music and the recent funeral of George Jones. Vince Gill is amazing with the voice of an angel and a library of recorded material. But here he is at his raw best dueting with Patty Loveless on this classic Jone's hymn. His storytelling begins at 1:45 in the video. It has humor, dignity and much much heart as he explains how he came to his nickname of "Sweet Pea" and a fascination with ravioli on tour.

But the music that follows at 7:30 is at times wrenching and personal. Lyrics barely come out and he needs comfort from Loveless to continue. Truly personal and intimate with the audience. Cabaret? I would say so.

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