Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Petra Goes to the Movies

In the interest of keeping things varied here, an entry that totally defies classification. Which makes cabaret a natural adoption by default.

Petra Haden comes to the table with pedigree - her dad being renowned jazz bassist Charles Haden. She spent her early years singing with her two sisters. Known for her huge range, she has experimented extensively with vast accapella arrangements where she can richly overdub herself into giant orchestral voicings. Her latest effort, titled above, has her jumping all over the genre from spaghetti Westerns to Bernard Herrmann classics and romantic John Williams themes. Striking at first is her upper register - and by that I mean coloratura. Runs that seem impossible. But on other cuts like the Goldfinger main title - she plummets octaves lower with a smoky timbre. Definitely worth listen if for nothing other than sheer curiosity.

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