Monday, May 20, 2013

Happy Memorial Day Weekend

Oh My! I have had this one in the wings for a good while now and waiting for the right time to "spring" it on us all. Rebecca Norberg sings the national Anthem!!!! This all in honor of Memorial Day Weekend.

And although it is not meant in the spirit of spite to her - one can not deny the presence of more than a healthy does of Camp. For one - I wish I could say that it was a time capsule. But it is posted from only a few years back in 2009. I cannot explain either the perm from 1987 nor the periwinkel blue sateen top. I knew it was going to be mammoth when I saw the 10 minute time frame of the clip. And also when I heard the synthesized trumpets in the opening fanfare. Perhaps we should be at the Olympic opening Ceremonies instead of a conference at the Mpls Convention Center? I am curious if the knights of the Roundtable were making an entrance. I am also betting most of us have never heard as many versions of the anthem either. With a modulation for each, it is a wonder there are still enough notes on a keyboard to manage the final verse that rises on and on. You can tell by the eyebrows that stretch with every ascending note.

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