Friday, September 6, 2013

New Theater Season

With the onset of our own Ivey's, it seems it is the unofficial end of one theater season and the beginning of another. I apologize if I lean too heavily on the theater side, but it seems that theater still provides a huge part of the cabaret material we draw on. So it is with some anticipation that I am sharing some of the projects coming to fruition in the coming year with hopes that there are new creative possibilities for us to enjoy and share.

I can't say I will be first in line to see the new import opera production of Anna Nichole, but it has some pretty good pedigree combining the forces of the NYC Opera & the Brooklyn Academy of Music. The juke-box musical is alive and well - this time featuring Carole King; Beautiful. I am not a huge Pinter fan but the husband/wife team of Daniel Craig & Rachel Weisz promises major star power under the direction of none other than Mike Nichols. The Glass Menagerie is already generating buzz with Zachary Quinto opposite Cherry Jones. But I am most excited about Big Fish as a musical helmed by Susan Stroman with Norman Leo Butz. Check out the full feature below.

Flavorwire: Fall Theater Productions

big fish

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