Friday, September 13, 2013

November showcase

This is a premiere shout out to our own November showcase, now in its "incubation" stage. The annual showcase is a chance for us to up the bar and present a really polished piece that is part theater and also true to our cabaret genre.

We have decided on the title "Keepin' In Touch" and it will be returning to Bryant Lake Bowl where we had great success with last year's Women: A Broad View. It will be on a Sunday evening, Nov. 17th @ 7 PM. Full details and press release will eventually come but I wanted to make an official proclamation for any of our Blog regulars.

The premise is to use our songs and stories to stitch together an evening that looks at multiple threads on the concept. It might be pieces about travel and sending home a postcard. It might be about phone messages and letters from old friends. It might be about ending a troubled relationship on a good note with a tinge of regret. We will feature a cast of eight: Janet Skidmore, Barbara Meyer, Timm Holmly, Jen Eckes, Rhonda Laurie, Dean Elwell, Connie Dussl, Jonathan Peterson and directed by our own Joey Babay & Tom Linker. Please plan on being there for it.

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