Tuesday, September 24, 2013

the Gershwins in Hollywood

For those of you that are music history buffs - a new twist on the cabaret genre. This coming from Charles Troy in Chicago. He is a graphic designer and former theater lyricist. Over the last ten years, he has combined his skills and passion to develop more than 50 seamless multimedia presentations on musical theater/ Great American Songbook subjects, combining scans, original graphics, edited audio tracks and video clips, coordinated with a scripted narrative that weaves all the pertinent events into a dramatic tale. 

The Gershwins in Hollywood is his latest "creation" which tells the story of George Gershwin’s life and his tragic last year through the timeless songs he and Ira wrote for Shall We Dance, A Damsel in Distress and The Goldwyn Follies. He showcases them in theater presentations, predominantly in his home area at the Skokie Theater.

Other offerings are the Creation of some of the great musicals like South Pacific or Annie Get Your Gun. Or great composer series on Cole Porter, Cohan, Richard Rodgers..... Sounds like a great Education project connected to great music. Check out his website 

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