Monday, October 21, 2013

Motor City Cabaret

Just as we are attempting to make a presence here in the Twin Cities, it looks like Detroit has jumped on the band wagon as well. Check out the splashy new website for Cabaret 313. Just like our own TCCAN began in soirees of private homes, they are doing the same. Sandi Reitelman & Allan Nachman are spearheading the crusade as part of Detroit's cultural renewal.

Spring settings included Christine Andreas, Lousie Pitre and Carole Bufford. This fall they are bringing in Amanda McBroom & Ute Lemper. Great pedigree! It looks like their efforts right now are more about bringing in outside headliners. And no one venue is noted so it seems they are experimenting around town just as we are, to build a public clientele. I will keep their link on our blog for future events. 

Cabaret is catching on.

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