Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Piano or Gameleste

I would bet that we all consider the piano to be the instrument of choice for all of us doing cabaret work. It is a two-person gig with you and your music director. It is one of the big priorities as our venue committee is exploring spaces for us all.

But I found this interesting feed about new, unique and unusual instruments being created. These go beyond global music.

Bjork is always exploring new sounds and has used a Gameleste on some recent recordings. It is a combination of gamelan and celeste.

If you thought a trombone was awkward, how about this Bellowphone? It looks like a hybrid of a saxophone that mated with a pipe organ.

Or even bigger yet - the solar powered Sharpsichord. Check out the full link with videos below: 
Mental Floss - Instruments 

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