Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Talent Comes in Small Packages

I know sometimes the blog goes off on musical talents that are a far stretch from cabaret. But I think it is wise to open our ears to offerings outside the box. I have posted a few overlap vocals on here prior and they do always amaze me. When looking for a perfect blend, there is obviously not much that fits better than your own voice. Unless you are lucky enough to be an Osmond or a Lennon sister with some genetics in the pedigree.

This new find is Jacob Collier who is making mixes so dense that is hard to hear all the notes in his chord structure. It is pure jazz vocalese. But what I was struck by was his apparent young age. Looking at his screen shots, he appears to me a teen if that. Hard to believe that sort of range is coming from a single person, let alone someone you'd not think capable of octaves and perfect pitch. Below is his recent arrangement of the Newley classic Pure Imagination. One poster commented that it was super human and it does seem nearly that.

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