Saturday, November 2, 2013

Patter Workshop

For anyone that follows the blog steadfastly, we do have a Patter Workshop coming up this coming Monday. Our Education committee is making great strides to make sure this component is a valued part of our mission.

This particular session is for members that want to invest time into the storytelling aspect of what they do. A chance to try sampling some of their writing in front of supportive peers. How do you make a seamless transition from your story into your song? This one is being hosted by Janet Skidmore at her home in S Mpls; 3029 3rd Ave S and will be moderated by Rhonda Laurie. Priority will be given to those performing in our upcoming Showcase this Nov. But any members are always welcome also. A reminder that any workshop is open to colleagues of current membership who want to attend on an audit/ observer option.

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