Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Chicago Cabaret Documentary

This is a share from our own member Janet who still has ties to the cabaret scene in Chicago. The premise is great and aligns itself exactly with one of the TCCAN goals of bringing both awareness and an audience to what we do. Many are not familiar with the genre and confuse it with a jazz gig, a musical theater revue or sometimes even a burlesque show. So the idea of using media as a tool to "sell" our product is a no-brainer.

Of course that takes a different talent as well as resources. Chicago videographer Eric McHenry Brown is undertaking an indiegogo crusade for some of that assistance. It is another arts philanthropy site like Kickstarter which seeks investors for a project. He is centering on the small culture of artists in the Chicago area which should give him a wealth of opportunities.

As a side observation - I wish he would have sought out some of that same talent for his pitch. A few clips of sizable Chicago talent would be much more captivating than him sitting on his small sofa expounding the virtues of cabaret. It comes across more like an essay assignment instead of bells and whistles that might make someone say "sign me up!" Here is the link and wishing him luck on the project.

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