Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Nightmare of Cabaret


With our own local show having it's premier this week (it will get it's own shout out in the next day or two), here is another buzz item from New York that sounded very interesting. For two reasons:

The piece itself has the long title Humpty Dumpty Cracks Up, The Nightmare of Cabaret. The press release is a bit sprawling and I am trying to get the scope of what exactly it is. But it mentions Christine Lavin as a cameo performer, which is bang for the buck alone. Then it also mentions "nightclub singers" which is a bit obsolete as well as musical theater - so I am not sure what it is attempting to be.

But I am also curious about one of the two venues it is presented at. The Duplex has long been a cabaret standby. But it also references a new place called the Playroom Theater on 46th. Although their website is not real flashy, it touts that it's a small and intimate destination for cabaret performances. Exactly what we need here in the Twin Cities.

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