Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Cabaret at the Columbia Club

This is a tipster from Connie. Apparently Indianapolis has it really going on in terms of a Cabaret scene! I have always known them to be a haven for all things education from color guard to jazz orchestras. And I also have a few friends that have made a nice niche in doing semi-professional theater there. But according to this website - cabaret is flourishing there.

The Columbia Club is a business destination in the heart of Memorial Circle downtown. But the added space of the cabaret is committed specifically towards nurturing the audience we are also trying to find here in the Twin Cities. The room itself is quite majestic while seeming intimate at the same time. Swanky is used to describe it and it would seem so. Megan Hilty is appearing next week, so national visibility is a given. In addition, there is an artistic director, audience development and a whole hob-nob of Board of Directors. The impetus is the brainchild of Shannon Forsell. They mean business for sure. Shows are sold out and workshops have a waiting list. And as I dug even deeper into the site - they are bringing in some pretty top notch talent for workshops - Laura Benanti, Stephanie Block just to mention a few @ $25 a person. A bargain that I would snap up in a second. Then for the summer, a complete 8 week intensive. We need to find out a bit of what is in the water in Indy!

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