Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Russian Olympic Musical

Yet again, another obtuse cabaret tangent here. But as we discussed, cabaret can take on many forms with parody & satire high among them.

Thus, more fuel to the fire on the forthcoming Olympic games coming to Sochi. The Broadway community has never been a silent one when it comes to political opinions and platforms. So it is without surprise that this mock-opera came to fruition. It is a musical satire called Love and Punishment on the state of Russian censorship written by John Walton West and Jason Michael Snow. What is unusual is the outpouring of talent that participates in the project. It is narrated by the talented Andrew Rannells from Book of Mormon. But in addition to that, it is a veritable Who's Who of the New York theater community trying to out-do each other in both scene and song.

Watch the full 11 minute feature.

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