Tuesday, January 21, 2014

No Direction

Our blog has been very informative for the last few posts with blurbs about our classes and salons. So I wanted to be a bit irreverent again and put something on for a few chuckles. Luckily I found this hilarious mockery on-line today and will share it with you all.

Everyone on the planet is aware of the Brit boy band phenomena called One Direction who burst onto the scene a few years back. Until recently, I paid them no mind, as their output was not anything that would ever find its way onto my playlists for a shuffle. Only recently did their new hit Story of My Life catch my attention, where it has surfaced even on Cities 97. They are being smart, changing their sound and trying to emerge from pop pre-teens into some sort of hipsters with credibility. (Take a note Justin Beebs!)

But anyone with that sort global recognition is ripe for sabotage. Thus, this wicked parody from a recent performance on Dancing With the Stars. The header claims that it is One Direction without Autotune, but the voices are completely dubbed. None the less, for all of us in cabaret, it again points the finger at the mega-pop world where Autotune can make anyone sound palatable. What we do requires an ear, rehearsal and years of training to make it look easy. So enjoy this wicked parody as they scream off key, fumble for lyrics and sing incoherently.

In all fairness, I am also attaching the slick studio version of the song in its video form which is very enjoyable.

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