Tuesday, February 18, 2014

February Salon

Sorry I have no pics to share from the past weekend, but some great music was shared by our members at the Town House last Saturday. Sooner or later, we will be free of these winter weekends that plague us. But meanwhile, our lucky audiences have been treated to some pretty fabulous sets of entertainment.

Our members have a broad range of talent and their musical repertoire amazes even me who knows tunes from every corner of the spectrum. Of course the holidays made an entry with some Valentine's chocolate love from host Jennifer. But we also heard some Christmas discontent as well from Connie. We had a German chanteuse complete with yodeling and hula hoops - where else can you find that. Songs with small town shout outs to Wisconsin & Michigan from Oron, Mary & Kevin. Rhonda did a trio of elegant treasures that were all new to me. Katia went from the Little Mermaid to Brandi Carlisle. Audience sing alongs, witty banter.... Another great TCCAN event.

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