Tuesday, February 25, 2014

What is Cabaret - continued....

Not to keep harping the point, but to continue our dialogue. As individuals and TCCAN as a whole, we are still discussing what exactly cabaret, as an art form, means to us. Several words have risen; New York-style, personal storytelling, authentic, intimate. I think we all agree in general, but the semantics of it still begs conversation.

So to stoke the fire yet again, I am referring to the Chicago Cabaret scene. I get several feeds that I subscribe to - the two most prolific coming out of both Chicago and New York. Each has a much larger population of both artists and an audience with venues to take it in. But in this week's performance calendar, there was a huge gamut of choices. A new digs called Troquet, which promises a French bistro style of entertainment. The Singer's Spotlight on the 4th Friday of every month, is likely a partner to our own TCCAN Salons. Scott Gryder is promoting a "one-man parade of vaudeville entertainment" with improvised banter. The With A Twist Boys, a male quartet, is doing a show of girl groups from the McGuire Sisters to the Pointers. Jazz and sushi; check! Mardi Gras treasures with Michael "big daddy" Parcas; check. Even a Madonna tribute called "Lucky Star" by Melissa Young.

All of it is officially sanctioned by Chicago Cabaret as it pushes the limits of what some might call cabaret. I can't speak to how big each following is, but it is great to know that these performers are "doing their thing." I think it is just more impetus from the Executive Committee to membership, to get out, find your own voice and create your work. Remember for members, we also have a calendar to share your gigs. Some of you are ardent in getting them to Marketing, but just so the rest of you are aware. Just Do It!

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