Thursday, February 27, 2014

Michele Lee

I think right now, Below 54 is arguably the ultimate cabaret club in the US. They have taken the old disco and transformed it into an intimate venue with a simple stage perfect for our genre. Even more impressive is the endless list of stars and talent that constantly fill up a calendar 365 days of the week. Obviously, being in New York, it is filled with stage talent. But it is also home to plenty of old marquee names that have made cabaret a mainstay of its own.

Michele Lee is one of those of the former generation. We may not hear from her as a common household name. She was a popular headliner in the 60's and 70's with television and film to her credit as well. But like all the other grand dames - she has never really gone away.

This clip from her solo show back a month also reflects exactly what we are aiming for in a cabaret evening; a connection with our audience, songs that have personal resonance and a small bit of unpredictability.

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